Me and Tom at the Ironman 3 Premiere

kawaii-desu-loki-chan *knowing Tom is around, my heart is racing, I'm already crying and my knees are giving out before he even approaches*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *approaches*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan Tom, can I have a picture with you?
kawaii-desu-loki-chan I'm sorry, I can't take pictures. I'm gonna be late for the movie.
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *leaves*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *comes back out of nowhere*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *surprised and tears up*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *takes my phone from my hand before I could even hand it to him*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *Takes an amazing pic*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *bawling*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan "You have changed my life Tom. Words can't even describe how much of an influence you've have on me*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan "No sweetheart. You've changed your own life"
kawaii-desu-loki-chan *blushing/still crying/giggling*
kawaii-desu-loki-chan "Well, you've helped."
kawaii-desu-loki-chan "Ehehehe" *grabs my hand quickly and then walks away*

Posted 25 Apr 2013 at 00:39
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